Literacy-Connect Ghana (LCG)


The Girl-Child Mathematics & Science Education Audiovisual Project is to help provide the simplest possible means of mathematical and science approach for the female students of Ghana and Africa as a whole who see Mathematics/Science as a monster. This project which targets the African girl-child will go a long way to help a great number of girls in the Junior and Senior High Schools across Africa and beyond.

The project has become needful as many academically unfortunate girls spend more time and money on re-sitting Mathematics and Science examinations at very high costs. Some student girls have confessed sitting for the same Math and Science papers for more than six times in vain. A lot of girls drop out of school because of their inabilities to tackle mathematics and science, since they are the main criteria for entering into any tertiary institution. It has also been identified in the life of the girl-child that, they are impeded by the culture of Africa, where they do all the house chores after school and have no or limited time for studies.

In view of this, the Literacy-Connect Ghana has found it needful to help accelerate learning among the female students of school-going age by initiating the Girl-Child Mathematics & Science Audio-visual Project, where audiovisual lessons would be distributed to girls in the Junior and Senior High Schools. Others can also access these lessons on our YouTube channels.

Sponsors and benevolent persons who care about development of the girl-child are all welcomed to support this project.

Mathematics/Science teachers are also always welcome.



Kindly view our sample lessons here: