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"Making God’s Word available in the Audio-visual format; in the printed WORD; in the various African Languages and encouraging its use to transform lives."

Bible Project is one of the vital programs of Literacy-Connect Ghana meant for Biblical literacy. It is to aid the Aged, the Visually Impaired, and the No-time-to-read persons and those learning to read. This program is helping a lot of people develop interest in hearing the word of God. A lot of books have been completed in the New Testament for those want to learn the word of God.

As an ongoing project, we expect people to sponsor any of the books to be started in the Old Testament for production. Persons or families who want to adopt any of the books not yet produced can contact the organization. Literacy-Connect Ghana is expected to complete the whole Holy Bible by 2022 into audiovisual for the whole world to use.

To adopt a book in the bible contact us at Apart from uploaing the books they shall also be put on DVDs for use with TV players at home, churches, prisons, school/colleges, etc. 

Support this project to obtain daily blessing as long as they are in use. Amen.

Kindly view our sample Audio-Visual Bibles by clicking  the link below:

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